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Illnesses services offered in Timonium, MD

When unexpected health issues strike, you need quick and convenient access to quality medical care. That's where Ezmed Urgent Care comes in. We understand that acute illnesses can be both distressing and disruptive to your daily life. That's why we're here to provide you with prompt and expert care, and we welcome walk-ins for your convenience. With our walk-in availability and dedicated medical team, we make it easy for you to access the care you need, when you need it. From common colds to minor injuries and various other acute health issues, we're here to help you recover and get back to your daily life. Don't hesitate to reach out to Ezmed Urgent Care whenever you need prompt and professional medical assistance. Your health and well-being are our top priorities.

Illnesses Q & A

At Ezmed Urgent Care, we are well-equipped to handle a wide range of acute illnesses. Here are some of the most common conditions we treat:

  1. Upper Respiratory Infections: Such as the common cold, Flu, Moo, Strep, bronchitis, pneumonia, we provide the necessary care and guidance to help you recover quickly and prevent the spread of these contagious illnesses.

  2. Minor Injuries: Whether it's a sprained ankle, a cut that requires stitches, or a minor fracture, corneal abrasions, subungal hematoma, MVA, concussions, our team is here to provide immediate assistance.

  3. Gastrointestinal and Gynecological Issues: We can help with digestive problems, such as food poisoning, gastroenteritis, and other stomach-related issues. We can also help with your GYN concerns.

  4. Skin Infections: From minor cuts and abrasions to insect bites and rashes, we can treat a variety of skin conditions and infections.

  5. Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) and Sexually Transmitted Diseases: If you suspect a UTI or STI, we can provide prompt evaluation, on-site lab testing and treatment, helping you avoid complications.

  6. Allergies: If you're experiencing allergy symptoms, or asthma exacerbation, we can provide allergy testing and treatment to manage your discomfort.

  7. Sinus Infections: When sinusitis strikes, our team can help you find relief from sinus pain and congestion.

  8. Ear Infections: For both children and adults, ear infections can be quite painful. We offer effective treatment to alleviate discomfort.

  9. Eye Infections: Pink eye and other eye infections can be bothersome. Our team can diagnose and treat eye conditions to help you recover.