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This is by far the best care I have received in a long time. I felt like the PA working with me was actually treating me as an individual and was willing to go above and beyond to make sure I got what I needed. The staff stayed late to get everyone seen and made sure we were all safe and comfortable during the long wait. Thanks Debby and the rest of the staff at EZ med! I am very grateful.

K. Krupinski

I had a great visit today. The whole process was extremely efficient and I was in and out in under 30 minutes. From the front desk, to the tech, then the P.A., everyone was awesome. I was very thankful for the help. I would definitely go back!

J. Weaver
Quick and efficient service. Very professional. Couldn’t be happier with the efficiency especially when I am feeling sick.

I am impressed every time I go here. The doctors are great and it is not a long wait. Last time I had Covid. This time an ear throat infection and sores from chemo. The doctors knew exactly what to do. I definitely recommend !

J. Dunworth
Amazing staff. Quick and easy diagnosis.

Kirsten P. | Feb 29, 2024
Everyone was great! Dr. Deborah was great and answered all my questions and concerns.

Zeborah N. | Feb 26, 2024
I was seen at reasonable time and doctors had genuine concern for my care

Vanessa T. | Feb 20, 2024
Very quick and easy to talk

Kesha B. | Feb 19, 2024
From the time I walked in until I was through I could not have had a better experience. The receptionist was patient and understanding. This visit I saw Dr Allen Chircus who was knowledgable and explained things to me as we went. A previous visit I had seen Dr Dena Rubin who was also exceptional. Coming here and being with this team of people you can tell they are happy to be here. You feel better, almost lighter, when you leave. A sincere thank you to each of you for your time, kindness, and pateince. I am grateful to know you are here should I need to come in. <3

Jessica C. | Feb 17, 2024
Very good

Gary S. | Feb 09, 2024
Aaron Jacob was incredibly upbeat and patient tonight. I was the last person to be seen this evening and he was so positive. The staff was also very positive and enthusiastic. I would encourage anyone to come here in the future. You are in good hands.

Darren S. | Feb 01, 2024
I wound up at EZMED Urgent Care because my internist’s office (at prominent hospital) did not call me back. Everyone at EZ, from front desk to tech to PA in training to PA was so professional and kind. Arrival to departure I was there about 45-minutes. So, they’re prompt, too. 48-hours later I’m feeling much better and even considering switching my primary care to EZ.

Cindy W. | Jan 31, 2024